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High Impact

No Matter The Sector

I write these notes of genuine reflection, as I prepare to retire from my executive leadership role after 20 years of success in the nonprofit sector (United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona and YMCA of Greater San Antonio) to start my own consulting business. What stands out, as I reflect on my 40+ year career is that I’ve now officially held military (government), public, private, and nonprofit occupations. However, before I’m labeled as a job-hopper, please know, I’ve had the good fortune to have landed and stayed an average of nine years at each.

This “Cross-Sector” leadership experience has given me the unique knowledge worthy of sharing. Even you can land in a scenario where you’re doing what you love, and the sector is essentially irrelevant.

As a consultant, I plan to still focus on assisting organizations whose mission deals with the advancement of equity, integrity, empathy and courage in fighting for human rights and the well-being of underserved people in places around the world. It is also important that PENEX Consulting, LLC, supports, educational, healthcare and faith-based social service organizations with similar goals.

However, I also want to share the “visionary leadership” I’ve gained, along with the ability to articulate a shared mission and deliver that message from heart-to-heart, which in turn motivates the team. Irrelevant to the sector or organization, learning this strategy and developing these skills, almost any leader can create a positive climate and the optimal psychological space, which in turn drives people to do their best and to maximize their potential for peak performance.

Using these transferable leadership skills, techniques and strategies, I’ll share what can benefit any organization, no matter the sector, and lead to the delivery of high performance and high impact in your organizations too.

Upcoming Talks

Institute for Charitable Giving

Tony is an accomplished speaker, trainer, and faculty member with the Institute for Charitable Giving (ICG). He also serves on ICG’s Board of Advisors.

The Institute for Charitable Giving was founded in 1991 for the purpose of accumulating and disseminating knowledge about fundraising essential reading by those who aspire to excel in the field of philanthropic development. The IGC has hosted dynamic seminars around the country for 30 years for helping resource development professional grow and reach their horizons and reach their highest aspirations in fundraising.

Tony’s speaking / training sessions are packed with proven timely, relevant strategies, and success stories that work. His work has also guided many faith-based institutions, churches, educational institutions, hospitals, and community-base social service organizations to achieve their impact goals and objectives.