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R. Tony Penn

Leading With Vision

Cross-Sector Success

Transforming and Motivating Organizations to Deliver High Performance and High Impact

• Business leadership seminars and conferences
• Fundraising seminars and conferences
• Leadership development training and coaching
• Strategic planning support and facilitation
• Board development and governance strategies
• Major gift cultivation plans and strategies
• Annual Campaign plans and strategies
• Planned giving and endowment plans and strategies
• Donor relations and recognition strategies
• Foundation and government grant writing strategies


High Impact

“Thank you is too simple of a phrase to express how grateful I am. Your knowledge was inspirational and flipped so many different switches in my brain. I was beyond excited to head back into the office and put to work the brilliant ideas you had given us all. Then I had the opportunity to be part of your round table, and there, I received even more inspiration. I became even more excited about working with my donors and peers to be a better ambassador and fundraiser working with millennial donors.

You have made a profound impact on my story as a fundraiser. And I am excited to take what I learned and become a better fundraiser.”

Erin Mintmier, Major Gifts Officer
United Service Organizations (USO)

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